Nature Conservation Officer


Protects, manages and enhances the local environment which may include marine habitats. They encourage people to experience nature and promote awareness of, and understanding about, the natural environment.


Key Responsibilities

  • Educate all sectors of the local community and raise awareness of environmental issues
  • Promote and implement local and national biodiversity action plans in partnership with local/ national statutory and voluntary organisations
  • Contribute to planning and policy development for sustainable management, including input into environmental impact assessments
  • Implement annual management plans based on ecological surveys and scientific observation
  • Contribute to the selection of, and assist with casework for, Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) and National Nature Reserves (NNRs)
  • Evaluate and monitor features of nature conservation
  • Promote the concept of sustainability to the public, colleagues and fellow professionals through talks, tours, literature, displays and workshops
  • Organise, supervise and train supporting paid staff and volunteers
  • Maintain effective records using IT database systems
  • Prepare applications to get funding and grants
  • Liaise with the media to publicise organisation or conservation sites
  • Educate young people, and those considering entering the profession, through talks and seminars to local educators and universities


Education Pathways: AHC40916 Certificate IV in Conservation and Land Management