Tour Guide


Accompanies visitors and tourists on tours, providing information on the history, attractions, environment, culture, places of interest and other knowledge relevant to tourists and travellers.


Key Responsibilities

  • Organise transport where required, ensuring tourists are collected and dropped off on time at the correct location
  • Meet visitors and make introductions, ensuring guests attend the correct tour
  • Lead tour groups and potentially drive coaches
  • Advise tourists of local places of interest
  • Prepare and present tour commentaries on suitable sites, attractions or monuments
  • Maintain contact with transportation companies
  • Coordinate tour activities such as visits to local attractions, restaurants or shops, train rides, cruises, extended tours, white water rafting, bushwalking and mountaineering
  • Research local area, ensuring knowledge is always current
  • Attend to operational problems such as booking errors and amendments, lost luggage or illness
  • Provide first aid if needed
  • Maintain written reports of daily activities and carry out other administrative work


Growth: Moderate to Strong

Education Pathways: SIT30116 Certificate III in Tourism

SIT30316 Certificate III in Guiding

SIT40116 Certificate IV in Guiding

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