Human Resource Officer


Provides administrative services for the recruitment and employment of staff. Supports in various human resources functions, for instance, training and development, performance monitoring and employee counselling.


Key Responsibilities

  • Determine staffing requirements and skills to meet the organisation’s objectives
  • Analyse the skills and qualities required for each job role
  • Advertise staff vacancies, assess applications, interview applicants, administer selection tests, prepare reports and make recommendations to management about staff appointments
  • Help execute organisational changes, such as those following from industrial relations legislation, revised job classification structures or technological changes
  • Maintain the personal records of employees on matters such as wages, superannuation, leave and training
  • Assist employees on work matters, career development, personal problems and industrial matters
  • Provide advice and information to management and employees on HR policies and procedures, including equal opportunity, anti-discrimination and occupational health and safety programs
  • Development of specific work arrangements and conditions
  • Conduct training


Growth: Moderate

Education Pathways: BSB41015 Certificate IV in Human Resources

BSB50618 – Diploma of Human Resources Management

BSB50618 – Diploma of Human Resources Management

Undergraduate Degree