Conducts audits of accounting systems, financial statements and/or environmental performance of the operation in businesses and the industry. Manages corporate funding and financial risk and administers and reviews accreditation activities whilst ensuring corporate and government standards are being met. Detects compliance problems or management system deficiencies and makes recommendations as to their correction.


Key Responsibilities

  • Gather data related to business operations, using such methods as on-site inspections, document reviews and staff interviews
  • Advise organisations’ governing boards on matters concerning compliance with stock exchange listing rules, relevant legislation and corporation practice
  • Identify, manage and report on financial risks
  • Ensure policies, legislation, procedures and regulations are followed and complied with
  • Identify if and where processes are not working as they should and advise on changes to be made
  • Report to management on the existence and effectiveness of the system of internal controls
  • Assist the business in developing an environmental management plan
  • Prepare final audit reports, which include results of audit and recommendations for improvement


Growth: Very strong

Education Pathways:

BSB51615 Diploma of Quality Auditing

MSS50118 Diploma of Sustainable Operations

MSS80118 Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Operations

Undergraduate Degree