Destination Manager


Develops and promotes tourism in order to attract visitors and generate economic benefits for a particular destination. May work with Destination Management Organisations (DMO), Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs), or state and local tourism marketing agencies.


Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement tourism management plans
  • Plan new research-based marketing strategies with the aim of increasing visitation
  • Undertake market research, gather data and prepare annual tourism situational analysis
  • Produce tourist information, including artwork, media releases and newsletters
  • Lobby and advocate for the industry
  • Establish and develop relationships with local, state, national and international tour operators, tour agencies, media, industry bodies and government authorities
  • Design, develop and conduct familiarisation tours for media, event planning, tour operators and travel agents
  • Devise and coordinate marketing campaigns
  • Develop e-tourism platform


Education Pathways: BSB41115 – Certificate IV in International Trade

BSB42415 – Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication

SIT60116 – Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management

Undergraduate Degree