Ecotourism is ecologically sustainable tourism with a

primary focus on experiencing natural areas that

fosters environmental and cultural understanding,

appreciation and conservation.

Source: Ecotourism Australia

Ecotourism aims to preserve the integrity of the destination. Its focus is on conserving the local environment and historical heritage, while supporting the culture and encouraging people to look after the natural resources that attract them to the region.

Many tourists are looking to travel to pristine and aesthetically pleasing locations to experience something new and beautiful. Unfortunately, it is usually these environments that are the most fragile and susceptible to outside influences and impacts.

To ensure these amazing regions are preserved for the future,

travellers must do their part in their protection.

Ecotourism operations promote sustainable travel that benefits local communities, culture, and heritage and minimise impacts on the environment. It focuses on educating tourists on travelling green.

Providing accommodation that restricts mass tourism in sensitive environments ensures that the natural regeneration rate of the environmental asset is notcompromised and ensures the longevityof the resource.