Fun Facts


Agriculture accounts for 3.6% of the state’s economy and employs over 57,000 Queenslanders.

Queensland exports over $10 billion of agricultural, forestry, fishing and food commodities each year.

Agriculture occupies 88.4% of Queensland’s land.

Source: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry


Queensland is an internationally celebrated ecotourism destination, delivering worldclass interpretation and experiences that support the conservation of our special natural places and unique Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and cultural heritage.

Queensland is home to five of Australia’s 19 World Heritage Areas and offers a huge diversity of appealing landscapes and iconic wildlife.

Each year there are more than 51 million visits by Australians to Queensland’s national parks, marine parks and they represent a key driver for international visitation.

Tourists visiting Queensland’s national parks spend $4.43 billion annually.

Sources: Departments of National Parks,
Sport and Racing

Marine Tourism

Queensland’s coastal waters total around 121,994 square kilometres.

It is estimated that 87% of Queensland’s population live within 50km of the ocean.

Australia’s marine-based contributed more than $74 billion to the national economy in 2013-14.

Marine tourism is a large industry in Queensland which provides many jobs and opportunities. The marine tourism industry involves tourism operators, small local businesses, marine researchers and associated industry suppliers.

Sources: Geoscience Australia,
Australian Bureau of Statistics,
Australian Institute of Marine Science.