Front Office Manager


Responsible for the overall accountability for the day-to-day profitability, presentation, plans and operation of an accommodation provider.


Key Responsibilities

  • Control expenses and maximise profits
  • Direct and oversee reservation, reception, room service and housekeeping activities
  • Liaise and create rapport with customers, sales and marketing contractors and maintenance, body corporate, department manager and supervisors, and guest service agents
  • Maintain knowledge about trends in the industry.
  • Oversee rosters and ensure salaries/wages are monitored and controlled
  • Ensure repairs and maintenance are organised and completed.
  • Organise operations in accordance with the organisation’s policies and standards.
  • Ensure compliance with government legislation
  • Lead by example in delivering exceptional levels of customer service and maintain the customer service culture
  • Monitor staff and their service delivery to guests
  • Handle complaints and online reviews to ensure issues are resolved promptly
  • Enable staff growth, development, and learning throughout the premises and provide feedback where necessary
  • Familiarise oneself with emergency procedures and attend Occupational Health and Safety training as required


Growth: Moderate

Education Pathways: SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management

Undergraduate Degree

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