Web Developer



Designs, creates and produces websites and web pages, using both nontechnical and technical skills to maintain websites using relevant software packages.


Key Responsibilities

  • Create detailed website specifications
  • Produce sample page layouts including text size and colours
  • Design graphics, animations and manipulate digital photographs
  • Register web domain names and organise the hosting of the website
  • Coding using a variety of software
  • Meet with relevant legal requirements such as accessibility standards, freedom of information and privacy
  • Work with different content management systems
  • Design the website’s visual imagery and ensure it aligns with company branding policy or client requirements
  • Working with other web specialists including web developers and graphic designers
  • Provide post-sales technical support
  • Continue professional development to keep up to date with new software developments
  • Communicate with network specialists regarding web-related issues, such as security hosting web sites, to control and enforce internet and web server security, space allocation, user access, business continuity, web site backup and disaster recovery planning
  • Assis in analysing, specifying and developing internet strategies, web-based methodologies and development plans


Growth: Stable

Education Pathways:
ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development