Customs Officer


Works for the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service in airports or ports, checking people and goods entering Australia for illegal and prohibited substances. They also patrol Australian waters to intercept and deter people smugglers.


Key Responsibilities

  • Administer and enforce customs and related legislation
  • Assist with custom control of overseas passengers, crew, aircraft, ships, cargo, mail, and bond stores
  • Examine passengers, luggage, cargo, mail and the crews of planes and ships to prevent the illegal entry of prohibited, quarantined or dutiable goods into Australia
  • Assessing and collecting customs duties and taxes calculated at the State‚Äôs border
  • Detect prohibited goods in transit
  • Protection of authors, artists, industrial and commercial rights owners against infringement of intellectual property rights, trademark, and patent rights
  • Control foreign currency, including combating money laundering
  • Working against smuggling activity and counteracting customs fraud
  • Responsibly use firearms
  • Make arrests and where necessary, provide evidence in court in the event of illegal activity


Education Pathways: PSP30116 – Certificate III in Government