Travel Consultant


Provide information, advice and booking services


Key Responsibilities

  • Provide literature and information to clients concerning local, interstate and international tours, travel routes, accommodation, local customs, fares, and travel regulations
  • Discuss client requirements and advise on suitable options
  • Plan, prepare and cost itineraries (travel plans) for clients
  • Make travel, accommodation and related bookings
  • Confirm bookings and notify clients of luggage limits and insurance, medical, passport, visa and currency requirements
  • Issue tickets for travel, accommodation vouchers and all relevant documentation
  • Collect payments and maintain records of transactions
  • Assist with changes to travel arrangements and bookings



  • Domestic Travel Consultant
  • International Travel Consultant
  • Business/Corporate Travel Consultant
  • Wholesale Travel Consultant


Growth: Moderate

Education Pathways: SIT30216 Certificate III in Travel